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Double Mark, Triple Blind with Jack

Today's training setup video is a double mark, triple blind with Jack. This training set up is a Double Mark and Triple Blind. Mark #1 & #2 are both right to left angle back, 170 yards and 150 yards respectively. Handler then runs Blind #1 to the left approx 150 yards aways, then Blind #2 to the far right between the telephone poles not cheating the pond, approx 180 yards away. Blind #3 is through both marks, teaching the dog to run past a holding blind/gun station (with a crate a birds there) and then continuing past to pick up the Blind and return. Approx wind speed and direction, northeast 5 mph.

See below for a diagram of this training setup.

Double Mark, Triple Blind Training Setup

We train dogs at various levels and depending on their abilities, we run each of the setups as different flights.

  • Flight A - Big Dogs (ran as a Double)

  • Flight B - Transition Dogs (ran as a Taught Double)

  • Flight C - Younger Dogs (ran as Singles)

Stay tuned as we bring you more setups in the future! And be sure to subscribe to our mailing list!


To learn more about our Gundog Trainer Jerry Sather, and Labs Unlimited Kennels, take a look through our website and contact us at the links below.

Phone: 507-332-0403

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