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On Point Double Mark & Single Blind With Scooby

Most days we focus on keeping the dogs off the points and not allow them to cheat the water. There is always a delicate balance to this, so today the marks will be landing directly on the points.

Video Link:

hunting dog training setup
Training Setup With Scooby

Mark #1

The first mark is starting in the handler’s left side. The mark flies left to right landing on the edge of the point at approximately 60 yards.

Mark #2

We swing all the way over to the right for the second mark. This mark flies right to left landing on the at approximately 80 yards. This is a great multiple water entry mark for the dogs.

Blind #1

For the last piece here, we have a Blind across the pond just up the hill at approximately 125 yards.

Scooby enjoying her marks!

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