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Labs Unlimited Kennels offers a multitude of dog training options to include companionship, hunting or competition, all tailored to fit the needs of your canine.  We treat every dog that comes to our kennels like they are our own dog.


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Just like children, every dog has a unique personality and needs.  We limit the number of dogs in our training program to assure that your dog gets the focused attention and repetition that are required to learn at a fast, confident pace.


AKC Hunt Tests are a means of judging the dog's ability to perform against a standard of perfection established by the AKC regulations. Unlike field trials, they are noncompetitive, meaning the dogs must simply meet a standard of performance, rather than beat other dogs. Labs receiving qualifying scores at a given number of tests can earn the titles Junior Hunter (JH), Senior Hunter (SH), and Master Hunter (MH). Each successive title requires more skill, and dogs are judged more strictly as they advance.  Contact us to find out more!


A field trial is a competitive event, meaning that dogs compete against each other for placements and points toward a field championship. Titles that can be earned are field champion (FC) and amateur field champion (AFC). Once earned, these titles become part of the dog's name.  Contact us to find out more!


Upland Tournament Hunting combines the elements of wild bird hunting with the adrenaline-pumping addition of head to head competition! One or two hunters. One or two dogs. A defined set of field boundaries with a number of birds planted in the cover. Throw in a stop watch to help define victory and you have Tournament Hunting, NATHA style!  Contact us to find out more!

At Labs Unlimited Kennels, our passion is to use our lifetime of experience to work with your trusting companions.

Whether you’re looking for a well-behaved family dog, a rock-solid hunting companion in the field, or a retriever trained to handle the challenges of competition, Labs Unlimited Kennels has the knowledge, experience and facilities to make it happen.

We encourage potential customers to shop around and come up with the best trainer for their unique needs. We're confident a tour of our facilities and knowledge of our program will end your search.

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